thanks for visitin tomie's web site, he is a country music artist from nashville, n bennington, vermont area, this web site is about him, and his start in the music buiness. he started playin guitar at a young age, he play in a band called the herd,  made up of student's from arlington high school, in arlington, vermont, he wrote his first song, lookin for a change, playin guitar for the origination band. also from arlingtom,.

   he was ask by a scout from nashville to moved ta music city, to do some song writing there, but he was too young, and scared to do it. as many years went by he played for different bands from the local music sceen, and also had written many more songs, like,  them old green mountains of vermont, 

  he went into air force for 6 years, was a military cop, patroled the base, flight lines, weapon storage area's, and went over seas ta the middle east, got out of the air force with high honor's. he then went to southern vermont college in bennington, vermont, he studied hard, and got good marks, he did some shows for the college, he was going to college to be a cop. but after playin guitar and singin, he realized music was his callin. he was asked by  people, why he didn't go to nashville as talented as he was, he just didn't have the money, or the guts to do it, but one day he decided to take a chance, and go to music city. in may of 1991, he packed up his bags, and headed ta nashville.

  nashville was an amazing city for country boy like tomie, but he did his best to push his music, while  there in the nashville area,  he played for some bands from nashvile, all the while tryin to get his songs heard,  he got a break one day, a letter from warner brothers of nashville, they said, " send them some songs,", so he did, 2 months later he recieved a letter back, bad news, the songs was nothin they were interested right now, maybe at another time, but he didn't let that stop him, he decided to start his own record label,
  so he started up,  down the pike records, it became a fairly big hit on the internet, with over 10,000 hits a month, then the reccesion hit in 2004, and that was the down fall of the business, people were sendin hin fake checks, over 100,000 dollars, so he decided to just stop the record label for awhile, so he could get back on his feet.
  today he's still writing music,  playing bass guitar in a local band, and he performs at open mic nights during the week in the local area, he's starting to make a come back, he recieved a email from columbia, and sire's/warner brothers records,requesting him to sumit his music,  his promtoter is reverbnation, he made it as far as #4 on the singer, songwriters promotion chart in nashville,  out of over 300 song writers, his cd distrubutor is cd baby , and tune core, he is an outstanding member of BMI, and a member of CAT TV, is listed on billboard, CMT, APM Music, and MTV, had a video on CMT, and played at the bluebird cafe, in nashville..his twitter has some impresive people on it, like kevin costner, the movie star, public enamy rap star, lisa davis, A&R for atlantic/interscope records, and his biggest fan tina turner
    he has been very busy lately working on doing a video for TV, been on the radio numerous times, and TV, this website has links for places you can hear his music, buy his latest CD, it's no big deal, it's only me, and see his video, he's also a member of the fender foundation, 1/2 of his sales of his music on reverbnation goes to help raise money to pay for music instruments in schools, check out his music, he did all the, singing, playing the instruments, writing the song's and producing the CD, a one man band, thanks again for visiting his website

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